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Point Two show dates 2014

In the year ahead Point Two and its stockists will be found at a large number of events throughout the whole of the UK. If you would like any information on one of our jackets, are in need of replacement canisters, or wish to share your experiences with your Point Two then we would be delighted to meet you. 

The table will be updated regulalry as more shows are added to the list, and if you are a stockist and will be attending any please let us know and we will be happy to add them to the calendar.




22nd - 23rd Gatcombe Horses in Sport
23rd Knutsford Point to Point Point Two
25th - 26th Somerley Horses in Sport
29th - 30th Goring HT Horses in Sport
29th Llanymynech Tiggas
30th Bangor On Dee Point to Point Point Two
4th - 6th Belton HT Tiggas
6th April Point to Point Tabley Point Two
5th - 6th April Larkhill Horses in Sport
12th - 13th  South of England Tiggas
12th - 13th Dengie PC Championships, Moreton Morrell, Addington Manor Atlas Equestrian
17th - 18th Burnham Market Tiggas
18th - 20th April Hambledon HT Horses in Sport
27th April Knutsford Races Point Two
7th - 11th Badminton Point Two / Horses in Sport / Ayr Equestrian / Townfields
15th - 18th Aston le Walls Horses in Sport / Tiggas
18th  Point to Point Knutsford Point Two
25th - 26th  Borde Hill HT Horses in Sport
22nd - 25th  Houghton Hall Tiggas
6th - 8th Bramham Ayr Equestrian / Townfields
7th - 8th  Draycott Tiggas
6th - 8th  Tweesledown Horses in Sport
14th - 15th Stratford Hills Tiggas
14th - 15th Berkshire College Horses in Sport
14th - 15th Catton Park Horses in Sport
21st - 22nd Salperton Park, Glos Point Two
21st - 22nd Milton Keynes HT Tiggas
21st - 22nd  Rackham Sussex Horses in Sport
28th - 29th Eridge Tiggas
27th - 29th Hickstead Derby Point Two
28th  NSEA Qualifier, Stonar Point Two
28th - 29th Purston Manor Northants Horses in Sport
3rd - 6th Barbury Castle Horses in Sport
5th - 6th Buckminster Park Tiggas
6th - 8th Tweseldown, Hampshire Point Two
9th - 10th  Upton House  Horses in Sport (TBC)
11th - 13th Great Witchingham Tiggas
12th - 13th Brightling Park Int, East Sussex Point Two
12th - 13th  Ascott under Wychwood, Oxford Point Two
15th - 16th Dauntsey Wilts Horses in Sport
18th - 20th Aston le Walls Tiggas / Horses in Sport
19th - 20th Iping, West Sussex Point Two
25th - 27th Carlton Tiggas
29th - 31st Hickstead Royal International Point Two
1st - 3rd  Gatcombe - Festival of BE Horses in Sport
2nd - 3rd Chilham Castle Tiggas
4th - 5th Smiths Lawn Tiggas
7th - 10th Aston Le walls Tiggas, Horses in Sport
13th - 14th Shelford Manor Notts Horses in Sport (TBC)
15th - 18th Pony Club Champs, Cholmondley Tiggas
16th - 17th Border Hill Horses in Sport
22nd - 24th Blair Point Two / Ayr Equestrian
23rd - 24th Milton Keynes Tiggas
24th - 25th Prestwold Manor HT Horses in Sport (TBC)
30th - 1st Sept Keysoe Tiggas
30th - 31st Firle International Sussex Horses in Sport
1st - 3rd Festival of BE - Gatcombe

Horses in Sport

4th - 7th Burghley Int.

Townfields / S.Milner & Sons / T & C Robinson

6th - 7th Knutsford

Tiggas (TBC)

6th - 7th Goring Heath Oxon

Horses in Sport

11th - 14th Blenheim Palace Inernational Horses in Sport
13th - 14th Burnham Market Tiggas
16th - 18th Purston Manor Northants Horses in Sport
19th - 21st Gatcombe Glos Horses in Sport
20th - 21st Allerton Park Tiggas (TBC)
26th - 27th Warwickshire College Atlas
27th - 28th South of England Tiggas, Horses in Sport
30th - 1st BCA Horse Trials Atlas
2nd - 5th Osberton International Horses in Sport
4th - 6th Little Downham Tiggas
9th - 12th Weston Park International Horses in Sport
9th - 12th HOYS Cheffings / Townfields  / Ayr
10th - 12th Pulborough Tiggas
18th - 19th Oasby Tiggas
18th - 18th Larkhill Horses in Sport
23rd - 26th Aldon International Horses in Sport
24th - 26th Norton Disney Tiggas
8th - 9th Your Horse Live, Stoneleigh Horses in Sport / Cheffings
6th - 7th Devon Equine Fair Cheffings
16th - 21st  Olympia International Point Two, Horses in Sport