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Servicing & Warranty


***New Upgrade Option - Did you know that you can upgrade your older style air jacket directly with us? We will buy back your existing jacket for £200 and give you that amount off the price of a brand new Point Two Air Jacket with bayonet trigger system! Click here for more information***

Point Two recommends that all jackets are serviced once a year, after six inflations or after a particularly heavy impact. For all servicing enquiries, please call +44 (0)1403 732128 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Servicing includes trigger clean, shell wash and removal and full pressure testing of the airbag £49.50 inc VAT plus postage. Return postage to the UK is £10, return postage to Europe is £20


We are also able to change the colour of your ProAir at time of servicing for £120.00 incl. VAT + P&P (service included)


All Point Two air jackets come with a life time warranty on the airbag component. The warranty is subject to the jacket being serviced annually by Point Two and if any reduction in the airbag performance is detected during inflation the airbag will be replaced free of charge for the customer.



You can print off a service order form by clicking here and print off an address label by clicking here then all you need to do is pack up your jacket and send it in! We recommend sending your jacket by recorded delivery and please don't include your canister. We know many of you don't like to be without the safety of your Point Two for too long so we aim to despatch jackets within 72 hours of receiving them. All UK service jackets will be despatched via DPD Next Day, European jackets may take upto 5 days for delivery.


Servicing1Point Two air jackets must be serviced by Point Two Head Office only, otherwise the customer voids the lifetime warranty on the jacket. Only the manufacturer is able to carry out this service. Take a quick look at some before and after pictures.      



Please do not return jackets with canisters, Royal Mail reserve the right to destroy any parcels containing gas canisters. If you are required to return your air jacket with canisters please contact Point Two on 01403 732128

or email servicing@point-two.co.uk for more information!

Don't know how to remove the canister if the jacket has not been activated? It's very simple!

Step 1: Grab your jacket and place in front of you....
Step 2: Simply unzip the cover over the canister.
Step 3: Unlock the canister by turning it anticlockwise to the right in the trigger body.
Step 4: Remove the canister upwards away from the trigger body.


Always make sure that the canister has not pierced before replacing! Always discard dead canisters!