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Point Two has revolutionised safety in the equestrian world by providing the latest airbag technology within a lightweight and comfortable jacket or combining it with a leading body protector.

In the same way that a hat manufacturer would never claim to eliminate the risk of a rider sustaining head injuries while wearing its hat, Point Two does not claim to eliminate the risk of injury to a rider wearing an air vest. But we are very clear that wearing a Point Two air jacket, as long as it is connected properly and well maintained, provides riders with greatly increased injury protection.

When a rider is unseated or thrown from a horse, the Point Two air vest inflates within one tenth of a second to absorb shock, distribute pressure and support a rider’s spinal column. When inflated, the airbag system offers the collar of the neck and trunk more support, thus reducing the risk of over bending the spinal column.

Point Two Air Jackets

The most commonly injured group are young, leisure riding female amateur riders with a vast majority (approx 70%of accidents) occurring out hacking and schooling not in the competition ring.

A Cambridge University study of 1000 riding accident hospital admissions has shown: One injury for every 100 hours leisure riding.

1. 54% injured patients have chest trauma

2. Rib fractures are common and painful with a quarter of cases having an associated underlying injury.

3. Abdominal trauma occurs in approx 22% seriously injured patients. The liver, spleen and kidneys are the most commonly injured abdominal organs.

4. 80 - 90% of spinal fractures are the lumbar and thoracic spine, not the neck.

Both the Point Two ProAir and P2-RS have been rigorously assessed by leading test houses in the UK and in Europe to obtain their respective safety certificates — and assure us of their performance.

Aside from laboratory environments, Point Two air vests are tested day in, day out by thousands of riders out in the field. They have been worn — and are loved — by equestrians from every discipline since our launch more than two years ago. Click here to find out what different professional riders think about Point Two.

For Point Two products to work as intended, the vests must be fitted, attached and worn correctly. They must also be serviced regularly and kept in a dry, cool environment.

For more information about testing for either jacket, click on the jackets:

Point Two Air JacketsPoint Two Air JacketsPoint Two Air Jackets

If you ever have any questions on any aspect of your air vest, telephone Point Two on +44 (0)1403 732129 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further details on the testing, accreditation and research carried out on our products see our Research and Development pages.