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Many riders in all competition spheres and all walks of life use and love Point Two Jackets. Here are comments from a few:

Point Two sponsored riders

Mary King
I wouldn't want to go cross-country without my Point Two.

Laura Collett

I literally owe my life to Point 2 air jacket... I had a horrific fall in 2013 and doctors said my air jacket saved my life! I can't recommend them enough!

Oliver Townend
The P2-RS is comfortable and much more convenient than using an air jacket and body protector separately. I feel safe in a Point Two.

William Fox-Pitt
Wearing my Point Two Air Jacket has become second nature when riding cross-country at any level.

Piggy French
It feels no different to ride in — in fact now, I'd probably feel naked without it. For me personally, it has without doubt decreased injuries such as whiplash and broken ribs. I've woken up the next day after a fall without feeling stiff when I would have before.

Champion jockey Ruby Walsh 

I think the P2-RS has the capability to bring jockey safety to a whole new level.

Champion eventer Lucinda Green
I like the idea of instantly having an airbag around me to protect me. The plusses surely far outweigh any minuses that people may find.

(P2-RS) Surely this next step must be a bonus for safety and — if we are concerned by such things — elegance

Boyd Excel, world champion driver
When I'm wearing it, it feels like a standard waistcoat but I know it has all the protection of a safety device.

Michael Murphy, para-dressage rider
I wear the ProAir all the time during training and competitions. It's fantastic — I fell off last week during a competition and if I wasn't wearing one I would have broken my shoulder. It gives me a confidence boost, but it's so unrestrictive I hardly feel like I've got it on.

Graeme Thom, Canadian eventing team chef d'equipe
Point Two has improved safety in three-day eventing and the safety of the Canadian eventing team riders. We are pleased to highly commend Point Two's dedication to both our senior and young rider teams and are highly appreciative of their multi-generational effort.

Olympic event rider Tina Cook - Click here to see Tina demonstrating her jacket
I've been able to get up and walk away from a fall when in the past I would have been very sore — I've felt a noticeable difference wearing the Point Two. Unclipping yourself becomes a habit when you're wearing it, and the Point Two is very comfortable to wear — you don't feel like you've got it on.

Clayton Fredericks - Click here to see Clayton demonstrating his jacket
I was a bit sceptical of the Point Two at first — I didn't want to have to wear anything else other than my body protector. But it's not until you fall off that you realise how much impact an air jacket takes out of a fall. It definitely takes the hard hit out of fall, and having experienced that a couple of times I wouldn't be without it. And it doubles as a flotation device for when you fall in the water!

Customer testimonials

Coral Keen after her fall at Boekelo - click here to see the fall 

I would like to thank the team at Point Two for coming up with the air jacket. I have had one from the early days of production and it has saved me being injured many times over the years and even if it means I'm not so sore that I can ride my other horses after. But this time it really truly saved my life!

The doctors and nurses were watching in the hospital and said the very same thing. I have a partially collapsed lung and will be very sore for a while but the thought of my injuries without this jacket aren't worth thinking about. Everyone should be wearing one for this exact reason.

Becca Mudge

I just want to say that my air jacket is the best bit of equipment I have ever bought for myself as I had a horse fall at Dauntsey horse trials on 19th July where the horse rolled over the top of me. When I arrived at Salisbury A&E they immediately immobilised me and after several X-rays of my neck and left shoulder (both areas where I was feeling the most pain!) they told me that I had been extremely lucky to get away with just severe whiplash and bruising. Without my Point Two, I dare not think what could have been the outcome - especially as all the consultants agreed it saved me from a broken neck!"

Holly Le Mar

I’d like to let everyone know that a couple of weeks ago, I was hacking my horse around a field when a pheasant jumped out. My horse who is a 16.2hh heavy Friesian, whipped around, fell over in the mud and rolled over on top of me. If it wasn’t for my Point Two, well I hate to think what state I'd be in now, but I basically sustained no injuries at all.
So a huge thank you to Point Two for saving my life

Jackie Girling

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful point 2 air jacket,if it wasn't for this Dr says i would almost certainly be paralysed.My cob threw a complete bronco,and I hit the ground flat on my back.
I have a compressed fracture of the L1 vertebrae,that's bad enough !! But as the Dr said if I hadn't had my point 2 on,I would be paralysed.
Everyone should wear one not just competing,I was just setting out on a hack.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart xx

Christine Leahy

About 3 years ago my husband and I discussed your Point Two Air jacket and decided upon having this conversation that although, to us, it was very expensive it was a small price to pay to protect the health or indeed life of our daughter while eventing and even cross country training. We duly bought her the jacket and she has worn it since whenever she jumps solid fences. A few weeks ago, while competing at Novice level in a BE competition my daughter, Brier, and her horse had a crashing fall over a cross country fence and both hit the ground on the other side. Unfortunately as the horse got to its feet she managed to stand on my daughter resulting in internal injuries to her bowel, liver and spleen and a broken collar bone. The bowel was sewn back together but unfortunately my daughter contracted Peritonitis and was very very poorly and had to stay in intensive care. Although her injuries were horrific enough and resulted in nearly 3 weeks in hospital her surgeons have said that without the protection of her Point Two she would not be with us today. So, thank you Point Two, from the bottom of our hearts, for without your innovation all our lives would have been destroyed.


Angela Charnock

I just want to say a massive thank you for a fantastic product. After a serious accident last year I promised my other half not only would I buy one but also wear it. Well this morning I came off my horse after she got chased by two dogs on a main road. I hit the road very hard and really believe it saved me from a broken back and I have no whiplash which I suffered from last year. Witnesses that saw the accident stated that they didn't expect me to get up from the floor! Can you make one for the rest of my body :0) Thankfully my little mare was caught and apart from the mental injuries hopefully were be back on the roads again. But just a BIG BIG THANK YOU x

Frances Burns

I am writing to thank you for inventing this amazing item!

I recently turned 30 & instead of gifts I asked friends attending my Black Tie night to help keep me living for another 30 years by donating a small amount to an Air Jacket fund.

I had read about your item and as I had recently inherited a spirited 4 year old I thought, hmm at 30 I may well be needing one of these! How right I was.

I always wear my point 2, from hacking through to jumping & XC. Needless to say bringing on a baby has its hairy moments! I find it comfortable to wear and soon forget I have it on. 

Whilst I notice it has much publicity for surviving rotational falls on a XC I would like to tell you that I am writing this email to you following a bad accident I had only last Wednesday when simply hacking out.

My young horse has been successfully hacking for nearly 8 months now and my friend and I were literally 200 metres from our yard entrance when air brakes of a bus from a road behind us were released closely, followed by a tractor and trailer. Both drivers were courteous to us and the incident is in no way a fault of theirs, my young horse (as a natural flight reaction) just panicked by the sudden overload and bolted throwing me out of the saddle onto the tarmac road.

My air jacket inflated and took the major impact of the solid tarmac protecting my back, neck and vitals and although winded, scuffed knees and a very bruised rump I was able to hobble away from the accident. I know if had not been wearing my jacket I would have been in an ambulance that evening potentially with a broken pelvis or spinal injuries. 

These jackets are life savers and I will continue to profess how important they should be for every rider to wear, (as important as your hat in my opinion!)...not just the professionals on huge cross country's but even for the freak accident awaiting the innocent rider from the blow away piece of newspaper to terrifying air brakes!

Thank you again..and when you come up with knee protectors I will invest in a pair of them too!!!

Anneli Lort

I had two bad falls within a five year period, breaking my pelvis on both occasions and completely lost my confidence the second time. I was determined to get back on and enjoy riding like I used to and my air jacket has played a big part in getting me back in the saddle. I feel safe in the knowledge that it will protect me from any serious injury and wouldn't ever ride without it. Well you wouldn't drive your car without wearing a seatbelt would you?!

Helen Cheeseworth 

I just wanted to let you know that I had my first fall wearing my Point Two last night. The fall itself was made much more comfortable by the jacket, and this morning I woke up with none of the usual pain you get after a fall! So I just wanted to say thank you for a great product. I wear my jacket every time I get on - whether hacking, schooling or competing.

Janet Trenton 

I am so pleased that i bought my daughter a point two air jacket as she had a bad fall an landed on a log on her back after being thrown into the air, she didn't feel a thing. Thank you point two.

Georgie Wood

I have now fallen off in my point two twice in the last month whilst going xc. Yesterday it was because my horse thought it was funny to buck and buck and buck.. after the 15th buck i came off and landed on my head. My point 2 was fantastic and I was able to get back on and carry on, and am not at all stiff today! They are fantastic!!! x

Charlotte Bayliss

My point two was put to the test on Saturday. I got catapulted into a ditch by my horse and i got inflated! No bumps, bruises or aches and pains. DEFFINITELY would not be without it. One of the best investments i have made.

Tacita Rolls 

I just wanted to write after inflating my airbag after a year of having many safe rounds it finally got put to the test on Sunday.

I am still not sure what went wrong or why but after hitting the deck and being thrown backwards on to the fence I was amazed at how I felt, hopping back up and begging to back on my horse to finish the round. After then clambering back on without my airjacket as I didn't have another cannister, I got to the last fence and with the sun casting shadows with a late cross country time my horse made a second mistake, something very very rare I had no hope and got ditched to the side this time without my air jacket. The difference in how I felt after the second fall without the jacket was remarkable, so much so that I would never get back on and compete without this piece of equipment. In 2 years I have never come a cropper with this horse so I have no clue what went wrong that day. I can only learn from it and put the bad memory behind me, what I have learnt however is I won't be getting back on without my Point Two!

Emily Oakes

I bought my Point Two vest when I finally moved up to prelim and was starting a young difficult horse. As a single mother of two, my safety is paramount. I "popped" for the first time at a Clayton Frederick's clinic here in TX. I was on my four year old who was on a bit of an overload. He refused a fence and was running backwards and rearing. Although I was doing my best to keep him on the ground, at one point, I thought he was going to fall on top of me. I felt such comfort in knowing I was wearing my vest. I allowed myself to come off and actually landed on my feet. Clayton then hopped on and taught Connell a lesson. Connell has been improving wonderfully since. Thank you!

Anneli Wahren

Our son Theodor is a rider in the Swedish Team. We are so satisfied with the Point Two Pro-Air. At training Theodor had a terrible fall, his horse tumbled over and he found himself under the horse. His trainer said "Now I know this is a good thing to wear." Theodor was lucky, rolled away and stood up and said "give it a try again" He was the very first in Sweden to use the Point Two Pro-Air, when the other riders hear about his fall and also read your page, They will start to buy.

Now Theodor will try to get a place in Bramham CC13* in June. This is one history for our team.

Sharon Long
I would like to say thank you for the point two i have worn it for eventing, hunting and cross country since getting it ..but not normally for showjumping but yesterday i took my horse for her BS debut and wore it on top of my show jumping jacket without the normal body protector .We didn’t even make it into the ring for some reason when warming up she didn’t pick up or see the fence and she fell and as the pole was caught between her legs she had problems getting up and rolled on me i was knocked out and i broke my wrist very badly (in 2 places and fractured my ulna).

I am very sore and bruised on my back and front and ache all over but with what happened i think i would of been alot worse off without my point two and even the Dr in A and E said the same he said he couldn’t believe the lack of injuries and said what a great piece of sport equipment (not being horsey he hadnt heard of it before) but did say he wished all riders wore them after some of the accidents he has seen ... so thank you

Rachael Darling
I love Point Two because it is like wearing a seatbelt

Reb Wheeler
I love point two because I fell off my 16 hand 4 year old who was galloping around like an idiot and I had a few bruises. ... Last time I fell off I crack my ribs.

Christie Mott
I absolutely love wearing my air jacket as it now means I am more confident with whatever horse I ride!

Becky Blyton
I love Point Two as it gives me piece of mind - having had a rotational fall in the past and knowing how scary it was, I have confidence in my point two jacket as it’s the most widely used air jacket on the market - all the pros can't be wrong!

Julia Waples
My 19 year old daughter rides in a Point Two and loves it. We have had it for just over a year, and the first time she wore it she fell off and the horse rolled on her. She was totally unhurt, knew exactly what was happening as she had had a jacket let off on her when we had it fitted. The medics were more worried as they did not know that the strange sound was the air coming out as it started to deflate!

Claire Kennedy
Brill bit of kit!

Di Piggot
Last winter I was bringing on my 4 year old Dutch Warmblood. In the arena he was extremely explosive and the number of times he caught me out and I was forcibly ejected were too many to mention! But I wore my Point-Two and was never hurt in any of the many falls. I always wear it eventing and XC country schooling and my father who is a Doctor at a number of events is very in favour of the jacket.

Nana Barker
I absolutely love my Point Two air jacket and wouldn't leave the start box without it. Wearing my Point two gives me extra confidence riding cross country knowing that if things go wrong and we have a fall at least I will be as fully protected as possible.  It provides so much more support and protection than just a body protector alone and having suffered from back and neck injuries in the past this is essential.’

Lynn Spence
Point Two has saved me on many occasions, I hack and show jump in it, the crowds have witnessed it exploding into action at a competition several times and often get much interest in it .

Mariateresa Ciabatti
I love Point Two because with my Hybrid Jacket I can ride my lovely horse without fear... this is a dream!

Sinead Abbot
I love my Point Two because it makes me feel a lot safer and confident on board, particularly on my recently backed baby!

Amy Breen
I love Point Two because it makes me feel safe when out cross-country. It gave me a confidence boost as I wasn't as worried about falling off, so I could concentrate on the course more! It also gives my parents a peace of mind!!

Jo-Ann Harris
I love my Point Two as it allows my daughter to go cross country and do the things she loves most with confidence, and gives me the peace of mind that should the worst happen she is fully protected.

Oliver Jones
I love my Point Two air jacket because I have never felt safer while competing at cross country. Two years back I had a fall while training for a cross country competition and broke my wrist and ankle and was stuck in a wheelchair for 6 weeks!! After this fall I was always scared of falling again, so I purchased a Point Two Air Jacket! When I fell off wearing it I quite literally bounced back onto my feet! I feel a lot more confident wearing it and cannot imagine going cross country without it!

Nay Cruiseway
I love my Point Two, my jacket makes me feel safer when riding. When we do have a ‘rodeo moment’ I land with a squishy protected thud now instead of a wallop.

Katie Waples
I love my Point Two because its lightweight so I don’t realise I’m wearing it going cross country yet I wouldn’t go cross country without it now. I have had mine just over a year now and the first time I wore it, I was seriously glad. My horse and I fell at a fence cross country and he partially rolled on me but luckily we both were unhurt. I couldn’t imagine going cross country without it.

Kate Jones
About 3 months ago I had a very nasty fall off my 7 year old mare Chloe; I had only owned Chloe for 3 months and we were at a x-country training day with my riding club when she reared several times until I fell off.  I landed on my cheek, fracturing it and twisting my neck so far that it was suspected to be broken. I had been wearing a body protector, but at the time did not own a Point Two (which would have prevented my neck from being bent back so far).  I was rushed to hospital on a spinal board where several scans showed that to everyone’s relief my neck was not broken but I had damaged the muscles in it severely.  I returned home with no memory of the events and being told to have at least a month off riding.
I was very nervous getting back onto Chloe and my Mum decided that due to the seriousness of my neck injury that I needed some better protection; she bought me a Point Two air vest from our local tack shop.  My Point Two jacket gave me to confidence to get back on my mare in the field and I have since used it in show jump training sessions and in competitions.  Three months after my fall and our partnership is back on track, we recently competed in our first competitive show jumping competition and have not missed a single week of riding club training, partly due to the confidence that wearing my Point Two has given me.  My only regret is not having bought one sooner!

Grace Grebe
I just recently got a point two air jacket and I love it! Some of the reasons being that riding horses in the first place is not a safe sport, but with the air jacket I feel safer than ever! It’s nice to know that you can get something that you can depend on. My trainer had a really bad fall and she said if she didn’t have the air jacket on she would have hyper extended her neck. She was so thankful that she had it on! Everyone at my barn just loved them because you can still enjoy your ride and feel safe at the same time.

Joanna Fuller
‘At the beginning of last season my aim was to move up to BE Novice, however, I had already decided I didn't want to move up until I was the owner of a Point Two.  Since purchasing it I haven't looked back and wish I'd had it during all the years I hunted and drag hunted when I was a teenager!  I now use it every time I go cross country schooling and every time I compete cross country.  Now we're tackling the larger technical fences, I feel much happier knowing I'm wearing my Point Two - I love it.’

Lucy Wilding
Why I love point two: Well, point two has given me peace of mind if nothing else. As a born and bred Yorkshire girl, I have hunted all my life however even I was apprehensive when the opportunity arose to go hunting with the Ledbury. Whilst this was an exciting prospect, I realised that the hunts down south are often a bit more 'forward going' to say the least and whilst I know my horse would look after me as much as he could I soon realised now was the time to buy a Point Two air jacket. I bought my jacket when point two offered 30% of all jackets bought from the website on a certain date and I have never felt so safe. I now hunt with the Ledbury on a regular basis knowing that if I was to fall off I had the best protection and the best chance of not getting injured as I had my Jacket. My mum also loves the idea as now she doesn't have to sit at home (in Yorkshire) worrying about what could be as im hunting with the Ledbury, I have however been lucky enough to not need it but I would rather have my jacket and not use it than not have one. Point two has given me so much confidence not just hunting but in general as I know I’m well protected. 

Fanny Bronders
AT the last championships of cross country ,one of my friend lend me his jacket , and I may said I was very lucky because I fall in sleepy turning so I've really experienced this jacket .....
it should be a compulsory purchase when we 're doing this sports even during the training, this one of the lesson that I have learn because I've just broke my collarbone  last week .
and that perhaps why it's  my boyfriend who is writing this message.

Alison Seal
I would just like to let you know that I am on the larger scale and falling off hits very much harder to the body! And hurts!!! . Your jacket is a life line and wished you can make hats the same .. Thank you so much to the inventor as now i can ride out again with my 4yr old daughter on her pony .

Charlotte Bir
I love my point two air jacket because I feel safe and snug whenever I am wearing it, I can also stand out from the crowd and be safe and be seen as my jacket is bright red!
I love point two because my air jacket is bright and colourful which means I can be safe, be seen and stand out from the crowd as well as being as safe as possible in whatever discipline.

Penny Putwain
I love the point two air jacket, I had a bad fall earlier on in the year, I lost my confidence, my husband purchased point two jacket for me to help me feel safer, I use it all the time, I don't ride without it, it is very light you can forget your wearing it, so much so I have to be really carefull to remember to disconnect before I dismount (which I'm sure happens to lots of people). I wish I had purchased this before my fall although I was wearing an ordinary body protector at the time I think If i had had the point two on it would have saved me from my cracked ribs, I urge everyone it is a must for all riders whatever their disipline.

I love my point two because it gave me the confidence to get my post-operative metal torso back on a horse again!

Sarah Halsey
I ADORE my Point Two as it makes me feel safe and secure in the knowledge that should the unexpected happen, I know that my upper body is protected, snugly encased in the inflated pockets of my jacket.  I use it when I am hacking, doing cross country and hunting - especially hunting as it seems the most likely place for the unexpected to happen!! Fantastic product. Well done to all the team for producing such a brilliant and practical design. LOVE IT!!!

Tara Whitmarsh
I love my Point 2 Race Safe Jacket because it saved me from cracked ribs a few weeks back after my horse decided that I should do the 3’ ft corner without him.  It was so comfortable that my horse decided to kneel on me for a rest!  Thank you Point 2.

Fiona Mckinnon
I love my point two P2-RS because it keeps me safe and able to work, I start and school young horses for a living and I'm not getting any younger my air bags help me to keep bouncing!

Lisa Anderson
I had a serious accident in 2010 where I broke my femur.

I return to competition riding this season as I precautionary effort I borrowed a friends point two, I then have upgraded to novice and have my own. I would never go cross country without it.

It’s worth its weight in gold. It won't of prevented my accident however I'd rather now that I have it for future.

Mckenna Oxeden
Why do I love Point Two? So many reasons!!!!
1. they come in colours so I can sport the light blue!
2. It's keeping me SAFE. I may only be riding at Training level but you can still get injured!
3. You all are so kind!! I love that you're running all these competitions.
4. Have I mentioned how safe you keep us riders?

Kath Phalp
I have just purchased an air jacket for my teenage daughter who loves to event and hunt, I just feel so more reassured about her safety knowing she has this wonderful piece of technology on her.

Hayley Meeking
‘Ones pride may still hurt slightly but the body definitely does not!’

Shelby Creek Stables
I love point two also, you all are the best!

Hannah Meeding
I would love to express to you how much I LOVE my point two air jacket and how much it has changed my life. I regularly take my horse hunting most weekends, absolutely LOVE it! And just a month ago, I was in my horrible stiff body protector, which not only made me hot and clammy, but unable to have freedom of movement! (which is what you want out hunting!)
But the main reason why I begged my parents into buying me a point two, was because I was being looked down upon for wearing a body protector, people would pass judgement that I was not a "good enough" rider and that I was quite obviously a novice. Which was not the case, I was just trying to put safety first. Now I have my point two, I wear it underneath my jacket so no one really knows that I have it on, plus people actually look "up" to me for wearing one, asking me questions, one lady even asked if she could try it on. Luckily I have never fallen off in it yet, but at least when that time comes that my superglue on my saddle is just not good enough, I know I will be a safe as I will ever be.

Caz Duncan
I love point two

Grace Grebe
Well, I am responding to why I love your point two air jackets! I absolutely love your jackets! The sport that we are in isn’t exactly the safest, but with the air jacket it makes me and my parents
feel safer than ever!!  They defiantly beat just the tippeary jackets! But combined it makes me 

Rachael Darling
I love point two as well got a pink one :)

Sarah-Jane Page
I love point two

Julie Spatt
I love my point two air jacket for many reason, the main one being that it saved me from a broken back! I was schooling a young horse and luckily had my air jacket on although we were only schooling low fences. The horse had a torn ligament that wasn't causing him to be unsound so we had no idea about it. We jumped over a small ditch and the next thing I knew we were both falling! The horse fell on me and instantly jumped off as soon as he heard my air jacket deploy. I was certainly winded and very sore  the next day but both my mother and I are certain that I could possibly have sustained major back injuries if I hadn't been in my air jacket. As someone who has previous back problems the air jacket is a god-send! Now I won't get on a horse (regardless of level) without it! Thanks for creating such an innovated and great product!

Charlotte Tarrant
I love point two too!

Amy Biggs
The reason why i love point two air jackets is the fact i'm still alive and walking.
I have a 11 year old exracer who can be extremely energetic and spritely! I brought my jacket a few months ago, a week before moving my boy up to BE90 from 80 and unfortunately my boy Inch, decided he didn’t want to jump anymore. He decided this somewhere near the start of the Dauntsey XC phase at a fence which was nothing to look at what so ever but unfortunately for me was a seriously solid fence. He powered into the fence like normal and at the point of take off he whipped out I didn’t go with him. I landed on the far side of the wooden fence sideways and rolled off the end of it. Jumped up straight away and after whipping my jacket off ran to catch Inch with fence judges shouting at me am i ok... well obviously as i was sprinting after my horse!
Inch proceeded to being a very naughty boy for a month then decided he wanted to jump fences again! I was amazed that my fall didn’t hurt at all and i will never jump my horse or hack him again without my lifesaving jacket :)

Jennifer Orr
I love point two

Angela Potson
I love my point two as I have a youngster and she can be unpredictable sometimes so this will give me the confidence when I ride her. My husband has brought me the point two jacket for me for Christmas. I inflated it when it arrived to try it out, and did this whilst I was looking after children as am a childminder and one of the little girls said Angela if you fall off Solly now will you bounce!! Bless her she is 3 years old.


Bernadette Kilcer
I landed on my head and flipped onto my back 2 weeks ago in a clinic. Two weeks later my neck is still sore (don't worry doc says I am fine) but I didn't have a single bruise or sore back thanks to my Point Two!


I initially purchased my Point Two after spending the last two year eating more real estate than the mortgage companies.  I knew I needed more protection than my "turtle shell" vest could provide me.  I wear my Point Two every single ride, every single time. 


Sarah Coughlan
I first heard about the Air Jackets watching the eventing grand prix at Hickstead a couple of years ago.


I don't actually own an a Air Jacket myself but I was admiring them at a trade stand at the Olympia horse show last year.


I think the design of the jacket inflating on route to impact makes the jacket much more comfortable and less restrictive whilst riding.


I find the old style body protectors very stiff and uncomfortable and makes me feel very restricted.


I'd love to win one of these, fingers crossed


Ruth Friend
I love point two too. Xx

Ella Flanagan
My name is Ella Flanagan and I have two horses which I wear my point two on.... Melody my 14.1hh bay cob who I won Hickstead schools on and I do BE 100- pre novice level on, and Betty my 6yo grey 16hh Irish sport who I got in half term, I hunt on both of them and I wear my point two whenever I do cross country.


I love point two because when I bought mine, it was at the pony club area eventing and I bought it before my cross country round.... I then won my section and went to nationals!!! It seemed to be lucky but then I did a BE 100 course at BCA and when faced with a BE novice trakhener, I fell off and it inflated. I was so lucky because my pony fell on me and if I hadnt had my point two then I would have probably had to go to hospital! O was so comfy to wear and I forgot I was wearing it until I fell on when I heard what I thought was a balloon popping but it was my jacket saving me!


Another funny experience I had was when I went to my first hunter trial on Betty and I was so glad that I got round the course without falling off, when I got back to the trailer (which was parked by the secretary where everyone was collecting their numbers etc) I jumped off her without thinking and BAM! My jacket inflated and I was stood there with everyone looking and trying to supress their fits of laughter!


I love point two cause I feel really professional and safe, also I would love to win the free canister as I


Lauren L M Wilson
Thanks to you Point Two I am far less bruised that I could have been 

Clare Wilson
I lost my confidence and now having my Point Two I have been able to ride with confidence again, I love it and would recommend one to anyone from schooling to eventing. Worth more than its weight in gold to me.

Glenn Chapman
I wrote a few weeks ago about how much my 9 year old brother’s confidence has grown since having his point two!! This comp wasn't on then! But we love point to for the peace of mind and confidence it gives my brother!!!


Ruth Friend
I love my Point Two as it gives me total piece of mind while out hunting that if I do fall off over one of our big hedges I am protected. Point Two is the best invention for horse riders!


Thank god for my Point Two last night my horse was like a rodeo bull on speed! Felt safe enough to kick him through it. Love my Point Two.

Emma Rebecca Jones
I love point two

Shona Hope
Today I love my daughters P2 RS.... (Hope she does not read this.) I hacked out her horse this morning in the wind and rain. A plastic bag flew off a trailer as it passed and Millie span around fast, bucked and I went flying! Normally I do not wear a jacket [...] so as I was alone I used Kristie’s... now off to replace the canister and hope she does not notice! Motto... ALWAYS WEAR YOUR JACKET WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, YOU NEVER KNOW!

Carolyn Richfield
Loving the vest. Feel so much safer for my daughter. Thanks

Clare Weightman
It would be great to see more children wearing them.I was a very proud Mummy when i saw the picture of my 8 year old daughter Alice on the back cover of horse and hound last week and i do hope that the half price promotion sold some jackets to some more lucky children. Thankyou POINT 2!

Sharon Lahiff
Got mine the other day, had a fall last night jumping, landing on 6 poles and walked away fine :) not like 5 weeks ago when I bruised my Coccyx out for 2 weeks .... can’t say enough good stuff about these Air Jackets and my young spooky horse did not even notice it going off, she just looked at me thinking what you doing down there !

Mark Greenwood
In my opinion all riders... Eventing, Jumper or Hunter at ALL levels should be wearing this vest. There is a reason the elite riders are wearing them!!

Claire Lacey
I can't recommend a Point Two enough for anyone doing this stuff!

Sharon Lahiff
Customer service at Point Two is top of the league couldn't ask for better !

me wearing one, as it could cause more problems because of the hardness of it. But that he would be more than happy with me wearing an air jacket, as this would cousion the areas that need protecting. I cant wait to have my Air jacket fitted, im excited, I just want to get back on boared. I have spokern with the BD and I am allowed to wear one when i am competeing. So its all good. :-)


Angela Poston
I love Point Two as it will now give me the confidence I need when I ride my youngster

Tania Verbickis Ettridge
I love Point Two because as a mother watching her little 9 year old take off from the start box on the cross country leg wearing her point two I can now breath... Before she had her point two jacket I would hold my breath waiting to see her and her little pony come back!!! I'm sure there are many parents out there with the "non breathing" problem... Get a jacket and breathe again! I'm actually starting to enjoy one day events!

Fiona Mackinnon
I love Point Two because it makes my job a lot safer!

Karen Patient
I don’t jump the moon, I don’t gallop around the countryside, but I did have a freak fall that fractured three o vertebrae... I want to do it, but my brain is saying not until I get that air bag on my back

Angela Poston
Thank you Point Two my small w arrived this morning I am now looking forward to being able to wear it when I get may mare back from schooling livery. Your sales team have been fab

Jordan Phelps
I love my Point Two because it makes me feel safe when going xc and hunting, I had a fall in it once and although I got up and walked away unharmed it could have been nasty, when my pony left a leg in a tiger trap and flipped me off! I love Point Two!! :)


Alison Wilding
I like Point Two because it gives me piece of mind while my eldest daughter is hunting with the Ledbury whilst away at university plus it is hilarious when she forgets to unclip the lanyard when she dismounts!

Nay Clements
I love my Point Two, my boy was abused in the past, so can be a little tricky sometimes, my jacket makes me feel safer when riding him. When we do have a 'rodeo moment' I land with a squishy protected thud now instead of a wallop

Sophie Bunoz
 I love my Point Two as when I really needed it, it worked!! had a fall out Hunting [...] I fell at a Gallop and apart from my Leg that was trodden on, I was able to get up without even so much as an Ache!

Linda Whyte
I love my Point Two. I haven't come off yet. But I stupidly dismounted without unclipping myself. I think I was so pleased with having our first ever clear round xc I completely forgot. Anyway I was amazed at how quickly it went up and how cushioned I felt. The protection you get behind the neck was unreal. Hopefully won't ever have to experience it again but it was well worth the splash out. I'm trying to convince my other eventing friends to get one. So far one has but the others are saving their pennies.

Sarah Shoemark
I love point two

Angela Poston
I love Point Two and am looking forward to receiving it in the next day or so. Having visited the office to try them on I can say the customer service is second to none and everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I am looking forward to using my Point Two on my 4 year old. I am not the most confident person so hopefully this will give me the confidence I need to ride her as although she is good she can be unpredictable.

McKenna Oxenden

Charlotte Hessel
 It was my Point Two that gave me the confidence to begin BE this year, and now I’ve got it I feel so much safer xc! The one day I didn’t wear it xc I fell off and broke my toe! Wish id worn my Point Two that day although not sure it would have stopped the broken toe. Planning on using it this winter to hunt, but ideally need a few spare canisters! Planning to move up to pre-novice next year on my new horse and it will be the Point Two that gives me that extra boost of confidence! I've encouraged some of my friends to save up and a few are hoping for Christmas.

Sam Owen
It just so light you don’t even know you have it on.

Charlotte Woody Bird
I love my Point Two because I feel snuggly and safe which means I get more confidence when I'm jumping. I also love my Point Two because it is bright red, I stand out from the crowd!!

Melanie Hall
I love my sons Point two as now when I let him loose Xc I can watch in comfort of knowing his safe rather than shutting my eyes and praying to god!! Thank you Point Two.

Hannah Alsbury-Morris
It's simply fab!

Mhairi Templeton
"I Love Point Two"


Sarah Wain
The reason I love the point two jacket is I ride a lot of young inexperienced horses and it’s great to get on them with the confidence thinking if I do come of at least the fall will not be so bad with the jacket on. Plus it’s great that you can wear it without a body protector and it’s very easy to swap the strap on to different saddles for when I ride a few in one day. All in all a great product.

Rebecca Adams Gershowitz
I LOVE Point Two!!!!

Linda Hughes
I can't say that I love my jacket because "it saved my life", or anything so dramatic.
In fact, I have been extremely lucky and have never had to test how well it works in the 3 years that I've owned it.
And this is not because I've been riding a perfect horse. Trust me, I've come close to hearing the bang a few times! But fate has stepped in and popped me back in the saddle.
I love my Point Two jacket as it makes me feel so much more confident in riding, having previously experienced serious accidents. It is much less bulky than a body protector, so I now wear it on every occasion I ride, regardless of whether it's 30 degrees or 3 degrees, whether I'm schooling, hacking or doing a dressage or Trec competition.
My horse is soon to have surgery for kissing spine and I won't be getting back on board after his 12 weeks of rehabilitation without my Point Two on!


Sam Owen
They are fab, I love point two!

Vicki-May Northover
 I love my Point Two and wear it every day,
Leg ged up and clipped on without any delay.
For schooling, hacking, jumping and competing,
Protection like this really takes some beating!
If it were damaged I’d have to replace it in a shot,
Because without this confidence I wouldn’t be able to rise trot!

Sharon Spearing
I love Point Two, but am yet to ride in my new P2-RS. I fractured my spine many years ago, and have ridden in a RS2000 for the past 9 years (never getting on without it!) and covered miles doing Endurance and jumped many a (small) XC course that I wouldn't have dreamed of, sadly my old horse is now retired BUT my 3 year old went away to be "started" last Monday

Louise Clark
I love my point2, it makes me feel safe when I am eventing and plan to wear it on some of our pointes/race horses when we start cantering them and jumping. My mum is the same size as me so she has been able to wear it too when she has been hunter trialing.

Claire Kennedy
Well the Point Two air jacket has saved my from being hospitalised!1 yr ago I was in intensive care with blood clots on my lungs ,8 months later I was back in the saddle and jumping again but unfortunately had a nasty fall where my little horse got his front legs caught in the back bar of an oxer and I flew off the top .But luckily i had my new Point Two air jacket on and I didn’t feel any pain! Was so impressed! Wouldn’t sj,xc or do any fast work without it! Worth every penny! For everyone out there who thinks that the jackets are expensive, they’re nothing when you consider its your life your saving! An amazing piece of kit! Well done Point Two!

Francesca Elizabeth Page
I love Point Two, it saved me from being paralysed! I had a rotational fall last year, and my pony fell on top of me, I still fractured five vertebrae but walked away from the accident, thanks to my air jacket. I never do any cross country without it.

Becky Bishop
I love Point Two I think they are the best equestrian invention for a long time!! Real life savers!

Fiona Mackinnon
I love my P2-RS because it will keep me a lot safer now my job is starting and school baby and remedial horses I truly wish I had one when I had my accident a couple of years ago! I always wear my body protector when riding whatever I ride I truly wish the hybrid was designed years ago. I always advise my clients to wear a body protector.

People who would not normally wear a bodyprotector to start wearing one. Apart from allowing more freedom when riding, I will certainly recommend to my clients. Alot people think nothing of spending £200 plus on a jacket, boots or rugs but think twice about spending on safety wear hopefully Point Two will change the way people think about their own safety equipment in the future I have certainly upgraded mine for the better!

Lauren Gilbert
What goes up must come down! Least if I came down in a Point Two air jacket, I would come down in safety with only a bruised ego!

Jamie Carleton
I love Point Two because it would give me the ability to teach my green horse that ditches are not filled with scary monsters without getting hurt every time he spins and dumps me on the ground!

Allie Kohlberg
I love point two

Bill Olson
I love Point Two vests because some day (and it will happen in the sport of Eventing) it will save the life of someone I love and protect them from life threatening and/or painful injuries. These vests weren't around when I was riding and now that I'm back in the sport, you can bet I won't ever be on a Xcountry course without one on!

Courtney Leanne Smith
I love Point Two because it means in falls I know my body is protected. There is NO price tag on your life, spine or ribs if you damage them so Point Two is all you need. All top event riders ie; Oliver Townend and Mary King wear these jackets meaning you feel like a pro and you feel ultra safe. Point Two is a life saver (Literally)! I ♥ Point Two!!

Susan Lockner
I love point two

Phoebe Powell
I love Point Two because it puts safety and style together into one unique product!! I have a Point Two air jacket in light pink and I love it because it is comfortable, light-weight, very safe and looks fab while matching my cross country colours at British Eventing. It is light weight and it I haven't had any damage in the couple of falls I’ve had since buying the product and had no pulled muscles or bruises. It is easy to clean, change the air canisters and I wouldn’t choose any other company! Thank you Point Two ♥

Ally Greek Joe Parnell
I have one of these jackets and it pretty much saved my life.

Oliveromeo Siddons
I love point two

Lesa Simpson
Today, I found out that my Point Two Air Jacket does exactly what it says it will do -inflate fully before impact!!
My unscheduled dismount saw me flip over horse's right shoulder finishing in a flurry of double pikes worthy of an 8.5 from any judge, landing in a bubbling brook of water two inches deep (the very thing that frazzled Taya's tiny mind!)[...]
For someone who has previously hairline fractured their neck, I felt very protected and suffered no injuries nor did I feel any of the large stones I landed on. :-)

June Hampton Moultrie
Fabulous customer service - make a change these days!! One very satisfied customer, thank you!

Fiona Mackinnon
Thanks Point Two my P2-RS has arrived and so has Jacquelines Point Two air jacket both jackets fit like they were made to measure hopefully they will save some injuries in the future[...]Great company!

Libby Surman
Love my point two!

Sharon Spearing
Have received my half price Hybrid P2-RS today! It's lovely [...]I'm sure it'll have the lovely 'worn in' feel very soon - will be watching TV in it later!! Just need to pluck up the courage to test the air bag bit before I need it for real!! :) (the storage bag is a great bonus and the nice man on the phone told me I'd get a free canister to try it out at home!)

Catherine Westran
Thank you so much for my Point Two jacket that arrived today [...] Thanks for such a superb service.

Jeannette Robb
You guys are awesome, it's clear your goal is to make our exciting, although often dangerous sport safer for all. Thank you so much!

Natalie Sewell
I love Point Two

Julie Scott 
My fiance gave me a Point Two Air jacket for Christmas last year, and last week finally came its first test.  I have a new horse, a 4 year old OTTB being trained as an event horse.  He has a BIG jump and I got popped out of the tack over a ditch while cross country schooling.  I landed on my back on a nice firm P2 cushion, and immediately sat up with a big grin on my face, saying "Wow that was AWESOME!  I didn't even feel it!"

Thanks Point Two!

Jo Hillman
Dear Point two team,

Just thought you might like to know that I managed to set off my pro air jacket today. Got off to do a gate out hunting, unclipped, but must have caught my lanyard on something, because the air jacket inflated. Much hilarity all round! Still, I found out a number of things:

The noise was a bit like a gunshot - everyone heard it, but it didn't bother any of the horses

  • I had my pro-air jacket on under my hacking jacket, which is one size bigger than I would normally wear - there was room for the inflated vest, my buttons didn't pop off, and my jacket is fine
  • My hat got tipped forward by the neck support bit
  • The jacket went down reasonably quickly, and I managed to re-mount after the gate and carried on for the rest of the morning.

Many thanks

Nicola Newall
Just to say thank you very much for my new air jacket, it is very stylish and looks much smarter than the original model. I'm sorry it has taken me ages to email, but thank you, I really appreciate it, and will use it regularly.
Kind regards,

Rylie Damm
Hello my name is Rylie Damm I wear a regular vest and then my point two air vest over it! In April I was showing at the Spring Bay horse trials in Kentucky when my 1200 pound horse reared up and fell backwards onto of my chest and lungs, he rolled over on my right leg to get back on his feet! I broke my leg but besides that I had not one scratch on me! I just wanted to thank you and let you know that you are doing a wonderful job keeping the eventing world a safe place, without you I would probably be dead right now!!! Thanks again sooo much!

Melinda King
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to your company. (All the way from Australia!)
About seven months ago I suffered a Injury at work, I now have two prolapsed disc's, the doctors say it could be up too 1-2 years till I’m back in the saddle, they are very concerned about me returning to riding, and so am I. Horses, Riding and competing has been my passion, love and my life so you could understand that when the doctors told me how serious this is and that ideally I should not return to riding I was devastated.
I since started to look into things and have discovered there are many people out there in the Equine industry both the every day rider and professional riders had the same/similar injury and returned to riding. So that gave me hope. But my biggest concern then was, what if I have a bad fall or not even a bad fall but hurt my back? Well I looked into all of the Protective vests on the market and really was disappointed, uncomfortable and not quite the standard that I need.
I am not a person who falls off often but as the doctors explained to me, for myself with two prolapsed discs whether they do end up having to do major surgery and replace the disc's in my back or not, Its a permanent injury which can be worsened, so I have to take every precaution I can.
I came across a video of a customer of yours using the vest emailed to me by a friend who I had expressed concern too, and then I looked up as much information I could find on the internet about your company.
Please excuse my long winded email but I was just writing to convey the hope and joy you have given me, for returning to riding, It even makes going back to jumping possible in the future for me.
Sadly due to my injury and not being able to work money is tight so I don’t actually have one yet, but before it gets to the point that I can get back in the saddle I will be saving to ensure I have one before even the first sit back in the saddle.
Thank you for giving hope back to those of us with serious ongoing injuries who wish to return to the sport. I look forward to seeing more of your ingenious products on the market.

Charlotte O’Connell
I was wearing my Point 2 today when my horse put in a serious spook.

We were riding along a road when he started to spook and run sideways and backwards... he went back into a high grass verge, slipped and I came off.  It could have been a very nasty accident because of how and where I fell, but I don't have a bruise on me.

This is the most fantastic piece of kit.  I will never go anywhere on my horse without it... and I now have the confidence to take his training further.

Thanks soooo much!

It really is fantastic... two days later and no aches, no stiffness, no whiplash... never been in that position after a fall before!

Andrew Scott
I competed at Northallerton BE90 yesterday and had a fall whilst wearing my Point-Two jacket. I am hugely impressed by the product.
My mare (a very green horse) was travelling well but ran out causing me to fall "out the side door". The ground was very firm, and she's a big horse at 17.1h, so I hit the ground hard. The force of the impact was absorbed by the jacket, which also protected my neck. I have no ill-effects this morning, other than a slight stiffness in my left leg!
I have had similar falls in the past suffering (amongst other things) slight whiplash. The contrast in my well-being between then and now is remarkable. Fantastic.
Kind regards, Andrew Scott

Sarah Harrington
Hi, My name is Sarah Harrington and I event up to Advanced level, I got a point 2 jacket at the end of last year and have recently just had a fall (picture attached) at an intermediate horse trial, All I came away with was a bruised knee and a stiff neck! I am highly recommending it to a lot of people!

Dawn Adams
Fell off my horse tday when a bird scarer went off the other side of a hedge. It was on to the lane too!  However, my air jacket was GREAT.  Glad I was wearing it.  The attachment certainly worked ! I am going to tell all my friends to buy one.  They are well worth it. Thank you very much Point 2

Keri Llewellyn
The Jacket has just arrived!!!   Thank you so much for all your help and excellent customer service.  I am very impressed.
Thank you again
Kind Regards

Sarah Jane Page
Just an email to say how impressed I am with your air jacket - my daughter had a rotational fall on Sunday at a Pony Club Tetrathlon Competition and she was wearing your air jacket. The paramedics were very impressed with it and said if she had not been wearing it she would have broken her pelvis and shoulders as the pony came down on top of her.  I can only recommend it to all my friends who saw the horrific accident and saw her walk away.