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***Point Two - Important Information***

There is an advertisement appearing in this week’s Horse & Hound (14 Feb 2013, p37) which states that if people have a Point Two jacket with the Helite airbag system they will need to send it to Treehouse or Helite if they want to have the jacket serviced. 

This is not correct, Point Two has manufacturers’ insurance that enables it to manufacture, assemble and service all air jackets that it has sold under the Point Two brand, whether with Point Two’s own airbag and trigger system, or that supplied by a third party.

Customers can be assured that we will continue to service and maintain their jackets, applying the experience we have gained over the last four years in developing and improving the air jackets.

For more information about servicing your jacket please click here

Point Two now offers a lifetime warranty on Point Two vest airbags if serviced annually.