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Q: Do Point Two jackets frighten the horse when they go off?

A: SATRA Technology is one of the largest independent research and testing organisations in the world. SATRA carried out in depth research and testing on the noise of the air jacket before creating the standard M38 and M39. As part of their research they took sound bites during a race meet that showed that the sound of the vest going off was quieter than the noise of the horses galloping by, the horses jumping over the fence and much quieter than the Tannoy speaker. That being said you can never rule out a horse getting spooked by anything, we have heard from some riders that when they have fallen off their horse galloped off, but what happened before air jackets were invented? Most riders will agree that horses generally gallop off after a fall, it is their natural instinct. 


Q: Once the jacket has been inflated, can I reuse it?

A: Yes. You just need a new canister (UK price £17.87), that you can put into the jacket yourself.

Q: Can you breathe in a Point Two when it is inflated?

A: Yes, but you have to make sure you don't do it up too tight. The P2-RS is fitted by a retailer in exactly the same way as the original Racesafe. It is designed to be a snug, but not tight fit, and to hold you enough to allow you to flex. To fit the ProAir jacket correctly you must be able to fit two fists inside. If it's too tight, it won't do its job correctly. 

All Point Two Air Jackets are fitted with a bleed valve, once inflated the jacket will hold you tight for 15-20 seconds and then slowly deflate. As part of the SATRA M38 standard that all Point Two Air Jackets are tested to, extensive testing was carried out to make sure that our air jackets do not restrict movement when inflated.

Q: Do Point Two jackets inflate inwards or outwards?

A: All air jackets are like a balloon, they will inflate both inwards and outwards. If it didn't inflate inwards it would not hold the body in the event of a fall.

A jacket that inflated outwards only would simply get pushed away from the body at the point of impact, offering very limited protection

Q: Do Point Two jackets require checks or maintenance?

A: We recommend the airbag is serviced annually, or every six falls / inflations.
Always check for wear and tear if you are at all concerned, and send your jacket it in for a service if you've had a particularly bad fall. (£59.50 inc return postage) you can print off a service order form by clicking here

Q: Can I wear my Point Two underneath other clothing?

A: Yes, so long as it is loose enough and the lanyard's function is unobstructed. For example, William Fox Pitt wears his beneath his cross-country colours. If you wear it underneath a number, ensure the string around the neck is a bit looser than it would normally be if you were not wearing the air jacket.

Q: How are Point Two jackets activated?

A: The air jacket is inflated by a C02, stored in a canister on the front of the jacket. When the rider separates from the saddle, the canister is activated by the release of a lanyard that is clipped from the jacket onto an attachment on the saddle. Once the air bags are activated, they will inflate between 60-80 milliseconds.

Q: Can I roll in a Point Two jacket when it is inflated?

A: Yes, you should still have full movement of your arms and legs. We have done extensive testing with jockeys and riders in other disciplines and the jacket did not stop them rolling in the event of a fall.

Q: How long does the Point Two take to deflate?

A: Both the ProAir and P2-RS inflate in within a tenth of a second, and will hold the rider tight for 15-20 seconds. After this, they will deflate within two or three minutes. However, should you have a fall while on the cross-country course and want to continue, the P2-RS can be instantly deflated by the removal of the canister. Unscrewing it takes just seconds and will work as an instant release valve. The ProAir needs to be removed before you continue.

Q: Can you wear the Point Two without a traditional body protector?

A: The P2-RS combines the Point Two airbag technology with the BETA level 3 approved Racesafe 2010 body protector. With the Pro Air, for optimum protection, we recommend that the ProAir is worn with a traditional body protector however it can be worn alone – and very often is by riders who would have previously worn no safety equipment at all while schooling, hacking and breaking horses at home.

Q: Does Point Two offer any warranty on the jackets?

A: We offer a lifetime warranty on all our Point Two Airbags when you service your jacket annually. 

Q: Can you change the colour of your Point Two?

A: The ProAir comes in a range of colours, you can change the colour of you ProAir at anytime (UK price £130.00 including return postage).

Q: Can you trade in your old jacket for a new one or different model?

A: Point Two will buy back your existing jacket for £200 and give you that amount off the price of a brand new Point Two Air Jacket with bayonet trigger system! Choose from the ProAir, Hunter, Soft Shell or P2RS click here for more info

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